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25.5.1996 3:00

14.00 On Top of the World: Finland. 15.00 The Rich Tradition: Sweden. 15.30 Travelog: Norway by Cargo Boat and Denmark. 16.00 On the Horizon: Germany. 16.30 Travel Travel: Holland. 17.00 The Best of Europe: Belgium. 17.30 Eye on Travel: Ireland & Wales. 18.00 Travelog: Norfolk, England & The Scottish Borders. 18.30 Travels a la Carte: Portugal. 19.00 Stepping Europe: Spain. 19.30 Beyond Borders: Discovering France. 20.00 Worldwide Guide: West Canada. 20.30 Travelview International: Guatemala. 21.00 Challenge: Wild Canines. 21.30 Mysterious Places: The Depths of Loch Ness - Scotland. 22.00 Travelling Europe: County Clare, Norfolk, Ibiza, Mull. 22.30 The Best of Europe: Going Home. 23.00 Heart of the Dragon: Remembering. 24.00 Floyd on Italy: Emilia Romagna & Venice. 0.30 Bon Voyage: Tasmania, Lisbon, Guadeloupe & Maui. 1.00 On the Loose in Wildest Africa: Sikumi Tree Lodge. 1.30-2.00 Journey to Adventure: An Olympic Journey, part 1.

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