Bullying, manipulation, touching and sexual harassment – Ballet Director Kenneth Greve’s inappropriate behaviour had been going on for years and it was kept under cover, dancers tell Helsingin Sanomat

Seven dancers interviewed by Helsingin Sanomat (HS) present a uniform picture of Kenneth Greve, quoting bullying, manipulation, insinuation and sexual harassment. The matter was immediately attended to following an investigation by HS, says one of the dancers.

Kenneth Greve was to be relieved of his managerial duties but would continue as Director of the Finnish National Ballet until the end of his term in July.

28.3.2018 15:18

The inappropriate behaviour of Kenneth Greve, Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet, has been a familiar in-house subject for years. HS interviewed seven dancers about their experiences of him and on Sunday was still working on case reports. Some of the dancers no longer work at the National Ballet.

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