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10.5.1992 3:00

18.00 Festivals of the Far East: The Kumbha Mela. 18.55 Rainbow Reports: Arani Cuthbert from News Zealand. 19.05 Great Planes II: Martin Canberra. 20.00 Journey into the Himalayas: The Sherpas of Everest. 20.30 The Amateur Naturalist: Guardian of the Meadows. 21.00 Frontiers of the Mind: The Sexual Brain. 21.30 Bush Tucker Man: Desert. 22.00 Proud to Be. 23.00 Perspective: Earthscan. 23.30 Animals of the Mediterranean: The Return of the Deer. 24.00 De Gaulle in France: 1962 - 1970. 1.00 Hollywood: Hazard of the Game.

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