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19.10.1992 2:00

17.00 Challenge of the Seas: Seal Country. 17.30 Animals of the Mediterranean: "Flash", an Imprisoned Goshawk. 18.00 High Five: Jetski. 18.30 On Top of the World: The Isle of Man. 19.00 Beyond 2000. 19.45 Rainbow Reports: Andrezej Dlugosz from Poland. 20.00 Shadows in the Forest. 20.30 Wild South: Masters of Inner Space. 21.00 Nova: A Man, a Plan, a Canal - Panama. 22.00 Exotic Races: Daugther of Santa Claus. 22.30 Secret Paradise: Australia's Heron Island. 23.00 A Traveller's Guide to the Orient: India - The Timeless Land, part 1. 23.30 Perspective: Natural Force. 24.00 American Masters: Robert Motherwell.

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