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20.10.1992 2:00

17.00 The Global Family: Tropical Insect Disguise. 17.30 Rescue: Baby Sam. 18.00 World of the Jungle Book: Summer in India. 18.50 Discovery Sport. 19.00 Beyond 2000. 19.45 Rainbow Reports: Vanita Gammit from India. 20.00 The Home of the Orang-Utang. 20.30 From Monkeys to Apes: Little Rogers Saved from the Brink of Death. 21.00 The Story of Rock 'n' Roll: The British Are Coming. 21.30 A Walk up Fifth Avenue: episode 3. 22.00 High Five: Surfing. 22.30 On Top of the World: Jamaica. 23.00 The World of Volcanoes: La Fournaise - A Volcano at Sea. 23.30 Sharratt Set Loose: episode 2. 24.00 Azimuths: Cyprus, Kenya, Haiti. 0.30 Bush Tucker Man: Top End.

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