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10.1.1993 2:00

18.00 Disappearing World: The Herders of Mountain-Taiga. 19.00 Painters to the People: Victorian Paintings - The Pre-Raphaelites. 19.30 Animals of the Mediterranean: Spring Concert. 20.00 Ancient Lives. 21.00 Crossing Borders: The Journey of Carlos Fuentes. 22.00 Great Planes IV: F84 Thunderjet. 23.00 Ourselves and Other Animals: Aggression. 23.30 The Global Family: Tokyo Bay - Harsh Waters, Tough Life. 24.00 Bush Tucker Man: Arnhem Land. 0.30 The Arabians: Horses of the Wind. 1.00 A Traveller's Guide to the Orient: Bangkok - City of the Angels. 1.30 American Caesar: The Way Back.

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