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14.4.1993 3:00

18.00 Challange of the Seas: Fragile Coast. 18.30 Crawl into my Parlour: The lobster lobby. 19.00 High Five: Snowboard. 19.30 Go Fishing: The emerald isle. 20.00 Beyond 2000. 20.50 Encyclopedia Galactica: Mercury and Venus. 21.00 Choppers: Spirals in the air. 21.30 Classic Cars: Wheels of gold. 22.00 Gentleman Jimmy. 23.00 Islands: Strangers in paradise. 24.00 On the Big Hill: The Trek. 0.30 Bush Tucker Man: Port Keats. 1.00 The Global Family: The sea lions of Guardian Angel. 1.30 Durrell in Russia: Flood rescue.

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