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7.6.1993 3:00

18.00 Challenge of the Seas: Cities in the Sea. 18.30 Durrell in Russia: Return of the Bison. 19.00 Volcanoscapes II: Kilauea Volcano Rages on! 20.00 Beyond 2000. 20.50 Extra Dimensions: Brain as a Gland. 21.00 Get Wet. 21.30 Treasure Hunters: Ohm Kruger's Lost Millions. 22.00 The Man Who Loved Sharks, part 2. 23.00 Disappearing World: The Lau. 24.00 Search for Adventure: Across Drake Passage. 0.50 Bitten by the Bug: Seeing Is Believing. 1.00 The Horse in Sport: Harness Racing.

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