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16.11.1993 2:00

18.00 The Global Family: The Dilemma of the River King. 18.30 Waterways: Into the Great Wide Open. 19.00 Blood, sweat and glory: For the Thrill of It. 20.00 Beyond 2000. 20.50 Extra Dimensions: Affirmations. 21.00 Encyclopedia Galactica: The Robot Explorers & Eyes on the Universe. 21.30 Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers: Message from the Dead. 22.00 Spies: Target Cuba. 22.30 Wars in peace: Special Forces. 23.00 Wings over the world: Legacy of a Legend Builder. 24.00 Disappearing World: Villagers of the Sierra de Gredos. 1.00 Riding the Tiger: Kings and Coolies.

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