Juncker’s cabinet chief Martin Selmayr slams the ”gossiping” commissioners and Politico – ”The brutal guy in this house is the president”

The powerful and feared cabinet chief speaks out on the working style of the European Commission boss. Jean-Claude Juncker calls some commissioners boring – ”walking sleeping pills.” He also takes leak-prone commissioners for a ride with his ”indirect press conferences” in the college meetings, Selmayr says.

Martin Selmayr is the head of cabinet of the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

13.12.2016 2:00 | Päivitetty 13.12.2016 10:23


A year ago, as I was preparing for my new assignment as the EU correspondent for the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, I was asking many experts the same question: ”Who are the people with most power in Brussels?”

Almost always, the answers included the name of Martin Selmayr.

”Martin who?” I had to ask, embarrassingly, when I first heard this.

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