Dear Mr Trump, this is why you should come to Finland

Finland is the best country in the world with the most popular president, who knows how to deal with Russia. Those are only some of the reasons why President Donald Trump should make Finland his first destination overseas, writes columnist Sami Sillanpää.

President Sauli Niinistö (left) of Finland and President Vladimir Putin of Russia enjoyed a lively discussion under beautiful Finnish trees in Naantali, Finland in July 2016.

25.1.2017 10:58

Dear President Trump,

You should travel to Finland.

Yes, that’s a pretty blunt way to put it, but you seem to be the kind of person who appreciates the art of blunt expressions. In that sense you have much in common with the Finns. No small talk, no fancy words, we like it that way.

Luitko jo nämä?

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