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Historic photo: 15 year old Teemu Pukki just before his first senior side match in 2005. The match was a Finnish cup tie SAPA vs KooTeePee. Pukki played for KooTeePee. He is seen here the second from the left with red and white football boots in his feet.­

The first Pukki Party

The announcer was drinking beer, drunken spectators were pushed out of the way of a bomb, and a future minister was floundering in his efforts to keep order – Helsingin Sanomat found a historic photo of the debut match of Teemu Pukki.

20.9.2019 12:11 | Päivitetty 20.9.2019 15:48

June 23, 2005 is a date that has a special place in Finnish football history. It was on that day that the Third Division Helsinki team SAPA met the Kotka team KooTeePee of the Finnish Football League Association (Veikkausliiga).

The match also marked SAPA’s 35th anniversary, and most important, it was the first major senior side match for Teemu Pukki, who is currently scoring goals in Norwich, and for the Finnish national team, popularly known as Huuhkajat, or “Eagle Owls”.

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